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No wine. As we can say that fermentation is one of the most important steps in wine production.

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Foliage Treatment

Summer foliage treatment ensures that the vines grow in an orderly, balanced manner. This allows the vines to develop at best and in autumn, we can look forward to healthy grapes.

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During the aging process, winemakers can influence the subsequent character of a wine. They can opt to store and age the wine oxidatively or they can choose a reductive wine style.

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Red Wine Production

Red wine production is more complex than white wine production. The red pigments lie in the berry skins. There are two ways to release these color pigments and to produce red wine: must heating and fermentation on the skins.

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Soil Management and Plant Protection

To prevent pests and fungal diseases winemakers are active in the vineyard to ensure optimal growing conditions. Soil management and plant protection measures are necessary in order harvest healthy grapes in autumn.

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Within the process of pressing there are various parameters that can influence the quality and the style of the wine: type of pressing, pressure control, the decision whether to stem the grapes or do whole cluster pressing.

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Pruning and bending

Pruning and bending in the beginning of the year prepare the vines for the coming growing season. It is one of the peak periods of work in the viticultural year.

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High End, Not Sweet and Cheap: German Wine Rediscovered

Wine doesn't leap immediately to mind when you think about quality German brands. But that's changing, as Emma McNamara discoverd in the Pfalz region. There she met Ernst Büscher of the German Wine Institute; Andreas Hütwohl at Von Winning winery and Christopher Gifford at The Corkscrew in Dublin.

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Die 64. Deutsche Weinkönigin Julia Bertram kommt heim

Sehr bewegende Impressionen von der Wahl der 64. Deutschen Weinkönigin. Zum zweiten Male wurde eine Dernauerin innerhalb von 3 Jahren zur Deutschen Weinkönigin gewählt und das genau am Dernauer Winzerfest.

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Im Herbst ernten die Winzer die Trauben, um deren Wachstum sie sich das ganze Jahr über gekümmert haben. Der genaue Erntezeitpunkt hängt von der Witterung und vom Zustand der Trauben ab.

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