First "German Wine Academy" in Vancouver

The first ever 'German Wine Academy' out of Germany took place in Vancouver, Canada. The sales information seminar named 'Taste the New Perfect Pairings' was organised by Wines of Germany (DWI) and the British Columbia Liquorboard.

MW Romana Echensperger, Ulrike Lenhardt and Ted Kalaboukis (both DWI) conducted the 2-day-event regarding perfect pairings of German wines at the ‚Bauhaus‘ restaurant downtown Vancouver.

Participants were enthusiastic about the authentic presentation of Germany's 13 wine regions and the wines that are available in Canada. The event followed a selection of German wines that were beeing promoted by the monopols' shops for four weeks (end of april until end of may 2016). Accordingly, the buyer agent was very pleased with double digit growth rates in sales.

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