Hessische Bergstrasse - German wine-growing region

The Oden- wald forest has an “island”, namely the Odenwald wine island. This is of course not a real island, but a small wine-growing region slightly separated from the rest of the Hessische Bergstraße around the town of Groß-Umstadt to the west of Darmstadt. Wine is cultivated here on a mere 62 hectares not far from the Hessian metropolis Frankfurt am Main which also has a vineyard, the Lohberg. However, this is firstly part of the Rheingau region, and secondly the Frank- furt people explicitly prefer a different kind of wine – that made from apples – called “Ebbelwoi”. More information about the German wine region of Hessische Bergstrasse at: www.bergstraesser-wein.de

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